Important Pamphlets for Buyers & Sellers

The following are pamphlets that you should receive from a real estate agent prior to looking for a home. I provide copies of these pamphlets during my initial consultation with new clients. Click on the links below for PDF versions.

**Law of Real Estate Agency Pamphlet

**EPA Lead Based Paint Pamphlet (applicable to any home built on or before 1978)

**EPA Brief Guide About Mold & Moisture in Your Home

**Short Sale Seller Advisory Information Sheet (If applicable)

Not all Real Estate Salespeople are Realtors. I am a Realtor. I am required to represent clients with a higher level of standards & ethics. The published guidelines that regulate Realtor professionalism are called The Code of Ethics. The National Association of Realtors requires Realtors take a Code of Ethics class every year. A copy of the Realtor Code of Ethics can be found at:

Four other good comprehensive guides can be viewed by clicking on the links below for PDF viewing:

**Guide to Buying a Home

**Guide to Selling a Home

** Fall 2014 – Things to Consider When Selling Your House (from Keeping Current Matters)

** Fall 2014 – Things to Consider When Buying a House (from Keeping Current Matters)